If you are interested in having Celia travel to where you are:

* there is a minimum number of 4 people wanting both Past Life and Life Between Lives sessions

* 50% deposit is required at booking, with an understanding that this is non-refundable should you choose not to have the session

Celia is willing to travel to allow more people to experience this incredible journey, and to do so, puts her hypnotherapy practice and clients on hold. Some of her travel costs are incorporated in the session prices while away, but a lot are absorbed by Celia, as are the (often) two full days of travel time to and from the place. Cancellations to interstate sessions are not easily filled, so it is important to understand the commitment you are making when booking a session. This is the same consideration Celia has for clients who travel to see her (booking the air flights, train trip, accomodation) and who would be understandably upset (and out of pocket) if the session was cancelled.

When trips are scheduled, they will be posted on this page if there are sessions available for PLR and LBL.


When you have 4 people wanting both PLR and LBL sessions, contact Celia on 0412 883 293 or to enquire about the possibility of dates, costs and other requirements. Celia is able to plan her stay around the area you choose, making it more convenient for you and your friends.

Please keep in mind that spiritual work is very individual and personal, and others might not be ready for it at the same time as you are. If your friends don't want sessions, or appear to be hesitant, its often better to let it go rather than trying harder to convince them! No amount of convincing by me will allow a client to get past a guide who is blocking the way because the time isn't right for them, and I prefer not to have clients who are genuinely not ready. If this is the case, you might find it easier planning a trip to Bendigo yourself ... or feel free to contact Celia - you never know who else is in the same situation, just waiting for enough people for a trip to be organised!




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