After years of therapy, meditation, and other healing modalities, I finally discovered the way to my higher self --Life Between Lives!  With Celia's expert guidance I have been able to access the inner realm of my superconscious mind and remember the lessons that my soul has accumulated over many lifetimes in order to continue my journey in this lifetime.  It was a truly profound experience that is still with me today.  Celia is a gentle, empathic, and intuitive hypnotherapist, a natural for this work.  Her beautiful soul by my side as a guide truly comforted me and enhanced the whole experience.  I am truly blessed to have had such a wonderful therapist to do this life altering work with me. 


Maria C, USA.


When I first booked in for an LBL I had my doubts about what would occur or whether anything significant would happen for me.

Celia took me on the most amazing journey, one that was totally unexpected and so revealing. 


The journey started with a trip back to my last life on earth and discovery about what I learnt in the short time I spent in that life.  Celia then guided me to a beautiful place where the souls exist.  I was greeted by a soul I knew was my soul mate because of the deepest love and sense of safety that washed over me as his silver lit form approached and he engulfed me in his being.  From here Celia guided me to a place of learning where I spoke to my golden guide.  Celia then took me to a place where a pergola dripping with purple flowers shaded bench seats.  Here I met with my soul group, sensed the laughter and love we shared.  I then met with some more guides and felt their energy and wisdom.  From here we visited other places, a tranquil beach, played with animals and to a snow crested mountain.  Throughout this journey I learned so much about myself, why I am on this earth, the lessons I have learned and some of the lessons I still have to learn.


After my 3 hour journey I felt exhausted and energised at the same time. For a couple of days I felt a little unsettled, however since then I have been washed with a sense of peace and calmness I can't really describe.  I think it comes from the knowledge that I now know why I am here, why I have experienced the things in my life that I've experienced and know that I have much more to experience.  I look forward to the rest of my life, and know that there is nothing I am going to go through that I cannot deal with, and everything I have left to experience will be things that I have chosen because I want to learn from them.


Thank you, Celia.  You've helped me change my life in such a positive way.


Sharon C, Bendigo




Life Between Lives is an interesting view of how we are.

For me, some answers came forth as to how and why things happen now.
Over a few years, Celia has taken me [also in a group setting] through guided meditations ever so gently with love, and later with laughter.
How wonderful to be guided by someone who loves her work, and has great overall knowledge.
Recommendations are high. Do try. Sincerely.


Beryl W, Bendigo.



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