Release the past to heal the present


Past Life Regression


Ever had a feeling of déjà vu? Like you'd been there before … knew more than you should have about a place, or a time in history?


Past Life Regression (PLR) can be a safe & gentle way to explore a previous lifetime, to see the challenges that existed as well as the character strengths that were present – allowing you to release the past, and bring the strengths and the lessons learned back to your current life. This enables you to go forward in this life with more confidence, a greater sense of purpose, greater clarity and desire.


It is preferable that you undergo a PLR session prior to experiencing an LBL session for several reasons. One of these reasons for this is that the depth of trance required to facilitate a successful LBL session is a lot greater than ‘normal’ hypnotherapy sessions, and even deeper than during Past Life Regressions. By ‘practicing’ with a PLR session, not only are you able to see how it feels to be in such a deep level of relaxation, you also become aware of how you perceive your experience, whether through what you see, how you feel, or even what you know. Your body and mind become more attuned to what you need to do to get to that deep level of relaxation … letting go of conscious thought, and just allowing it to happen. Past Life Regression can be very profound and enlightening in itself, and its common to be able to go into great detail in regard to that life: what lessons you learned, the challenges you might have faced, being able to bring back the strengths and talents, and releasing any unwanted residual that was carried over into this life.



It is important that you undergo this exploration into the past with a qualified facilitator, to ensure the complete resolution of past issues or feelings that may arise. Exploring PLR through hypnosis is your personal experience, not someone telling you … so you are able to see, feel and know what is happening.


Celia Kakoschke was trained and certified in Past Life Regression Therapy through the Holistic Healing Center, New York, under the supervision of Paul Aurand. This training extended beyond the ‘basics’ taught in most hypnotherapy courses, expanding more into a soul state, which was an appropriate and wonderful preparation for the Life Between Lives course that Celia was to study 6 months later.


Past Life Regression sessions usually take around 2 hours, and cost $200, which includes a CD recording of the session. Sessions held away from Bendigo attract a higher fee. A deposit of $100 may be taken at the time of booking, which becomes non-refundable 48 hours prior to your appointment time.

It is a prerequisite to have a Past Life session before a Life Between Live session is done.


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