What to expect in an LBL Session


Apart from potentially the most incredible experience of your life, where you have access to soul knowledge, to the wisdom of higher beings, and being able to make significant changes in your current life, directed toward optimal soul growth in this life time, there are some points to remember.


An LBL session may be both physically and mentally draining for both the client and the LBL Therapist. While you are up in the spirit realm, your awareness of your body is greatly reduced, so when you come back, it is common to notice that your body is fatigued. It is best to be well rested before the session, which usually starts mid morning or early afternoon. The sessions can take around 4 hours, though it is recommended that you allow longer giving yourself ample recovery time before you depart for home, if needed. The whole day is usually kept free for a single LBL session, ensuring you receive all that you can from the experience.


It is important to allow reflection time after your session, making sure that you do not need to return to work or home to undertake busy activities.


Not every LBL session turns out like the case studies in Dr. Newton's books, which were collected from thousands of client experiences. Each session is unique and personalised for each client, and as such it is important for you to come with an open mind and an open heart, knowing that your LBL experience will be exactly as it is supposed to be.


A digital recording is made of your session, and the CDs are sent to you after the session. This enables you to have a record of the session to refer back to in the future.


The total cost of the session including the recording and follow-up discussion by phone if required is $450. Additional costs apply for sessions not held in Bendigo. A $200 deposit may be required to confirm your booking, which becomes non-refundable 48 hours prior to your appointment time.

(It is a prerequisite to have a Past Life session before a Life Between Live session is done. Celia is happy to discuss this with you beforehand.)


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